Fly Fishers Gallery

Where I Play Lammington On the Clyde

Stalking a rise 

Spey casting a team of spiders

Tying Clyde Style At The Bffi 2012

Good Friends On The Clyde

Did We Get Him

Oh Yess

Some Clyde Favourites

Lettin My Hair Down (What Hair)

Bffi 2013 Guess The Celeb Tyer In The Back Ground

You Know Its the Best Feeling In The world 

Sharp/Gentles Barby Day Great Friends 

The Spoils Caught Clyde Style

The Biggest Grayling I Have Ever Seen (Net Is Snowbee Sea Trout Net) Caught Somewhere On The Annan)

Worth More Than A Decent 2nd Hand Car

Its All Going On In Here

Back In The Day 

This Is My Mojo

On The Dangle

Biggest Broony I Have Caught 6lb

Another Big Broony

Sair Arms After This One

Random Clyde Pic "Crossford"

Nice Avon Broony

River Avon 

Into A Gid Broony

Exocet Missile

Great When A New Pattern Does The Biz

Scotlands Best Selling rainbow Flee
The Yellow Dancer

Thanks For Taking The Time To Browse Maybe See You Out Fishin One Day

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying From around The Planet
70cm Grayling 

Good Friend With A Nice River Trout From Hinemaiai New Zealand 

Another New Zealand Brute Hinemaiaia

Ready For Action On the Clyde

Wetting A Line 



Bannan Gammarus From Italy


Articulated Lure 

Flexi Shrimp

Nice Artwork

Patagonian Monsters
Spey Casting In Tandem

Some More Randoms