Monday, 16 December 2013

New Update Grayling Range Added,1st Youtube step By Step Video ,TFL Annan Grayling Outing

Total Fishing Lanarkshire On Tour
Tackling Up At Hoddom Castle On The River Annan

Total Fishing Lanarkshire Regular Into His 1st Ever Grayling
The Gaffer With Nice One

Polish Catch & Release Club Set Up Shop

Me Int A Large Grouse LOL At Hoddom Hic Splash

Clyde Grayling

Clyde Grayling

The Grayling From The Clyde

The season has kicked off well with fish over 3lb being netted by local anglers,the pics are from the last few seasons i havent had many large grayling but hopefully that will change with the Christmas Holidays looming hopefully i will one DAY JOIN THE 3LB CLUB i can only dream

Total Fishing Lanarkshires 1st Grayling Outing was well attended by 18 anglers
Hoddom Castle Sunday 08-12-2014

Plenty grayling caught and the Polish Catch & Release Club were into fish from the of f,these guys are good anglers as one individual is into double figures in no time,the lanarkshire boys are doing well too.

Also added 1st ever step by step video and uploaded my new Grayling range 2013-2914
Available to buy on my link

Happy Christmas And A Happy New Year When It Comes