Monday, 29 July 2013

Father & Son On The Clyde-Lake Of Menteith-Yellow Owls-Deer Creek New Dealers

Out On My Favourite Stretch Of The Clyde With My Dad
Was chuffed to be fishing with my teacher in fishing,my DAD he gave me my 1st introduction like all fathers do with their younglings,and for this action i will always be a happy man,so take a youngster fishing,its amazing the transformation.
We Spent a great couple of hours,infact we spent more time blethering than fishing,I lost 3 good fish on the spiders and that was it for me was also trying out the Atom Six 10ft for a 4#,what a tool for the job,it can put out a double taper with no effort,roll casts and single hand speys effortlessly,will need more outings to really test it but on its 1st outing,well impressed.

My Dad My Fishing Mentor

The Lake Of Menteith 28-07-2013012-7pm
Phone call Saturday morning from a good friend from Sharp-Gentles fly tying club Brian Murray,"how do fancy a day on the lake had a late cancellation so theres a spot if you want",obvious answer so bring on Sunday.
Rain was the state of play for the day,reports of single booby and Di7 fish at 20ft plus down in the deep channels at the cages,oooft sore arms time.Suited and booted off we go,approaching the cages its combat fishing akin to the Spanish Armada,out the corner of my eye i spies a few fish moving on the right hand bank from the cages,engine killed and we slowly drift in to a nice spot not far from fish.
Brians on a di-1 and a four fly det up to cover all the bases,i have a Di3 & 3 fly set with a candy booby,buzzer,KMclaren.after 6 or so drifts no takes but on the seventh we are in shallow water close to inlet and Brian takes the 1st fish on a tequiella booby in about a foot of water lol.
No fish for about a few hours after swapping to di7 and out in the depths,with no takes,so we swap back to Di3&Di1 for Brian,heading into the right side of the cages close to the reeds spies a small dimple cast before i straiten for retrieve fish on nice stock blue,one each,not long after Brian covers a peachy looking spot hit,hit,tug fish on,airborn accrobatics surging dives,before i mug it for my boat partner NICE BROONY quite a prize for Menteith,two one,pressures on after being snapped and missing a few i am into my second on the candy booby to bring it even Stevens,to which end we are pretty happy with todays session.

Brians Menteith Broony

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Update From Fridays Wee Cast On The Clyde

Hard act to follow from tuesdays session,no biggies this time dropped a few on the dries,decent fish too,not as many moving but a few good size on the feed.

I ended up  with 6 on the dries and missed a few,and the one that got away was a good fush,funny that,had another 4 on the wets as darkness fell best of the night was one of about 1.5lb on a parachute adams.

One thing for sure the amount of fish enjoying the great hatches this season has been providing exellent sport,some spectacular momments of big fish taking their prey,would love to get a photo of a big brown taking a flie above the surface,maybe one day,will be out next week again for a few visits getting prepaired for my days guiding duties for Total Fishing Lanarkshires 'Secrets Of The Clyde' outing

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Out last night with the gaffer and fellow co-worker from Total Fishing Lanarkshire,evening session it was then,conditions perfect and the big fush turned up on time to take the mick with so many fish missed on the dries

The gaffer Big Scotty No1 landed a good 2lb trout on Caledonia flies olive cdc,Stewart missed a really good and then had to settle for a tiddler (lol)

As darkness cast no shadow it was my time to shiiiinne with an experamental cast consisting of a Magpie & Silver on point and a Silver Butcher Dropper leader taper to 6lb rio fluroflex 3rd cast into a tasty run fush on screaming reel,ping it was the story of the one that got away.

New cast set up (it pays to have a few pre tied on cast carriers) m0ves 20 ft from last action,fan casting,no retrieves swing fishing with slow retrieve before casting out.Hears a big plop so using the force cast into the darkness and slight mend,few seconds on FUSH ON,rod is bent in 2,screaming reel again as heads past me pretty sharpish ito the next pool above me before sommersaulting,stewart is on his way to assist thanks god this is a good fush,it decides to hare past me back into the original hook up and sits on the bottom,its a game of who moves 1st wins,the old trick of walking the fish is in my thoughts but i decided to side strain and stay put he new he was beat and Stewart Skillfully Mugged him with the net.

Hearts beatin,Cigars out and nice pic.
Until the next time thanks for reading and following.

P.S. Secrets Of The Clyde Trip coming Son From Total Fishing Lanarkshire

OH Blogg It

To boldly go where no fly has gone before~in my 1st attempt at blogging i hope i can share the secrets of Clydestyle flies and fishing on the clyde and the adventures,carnage,fun that results when we gather to share.