Monday, 8 December 2014

Overdue Update The Grayling Are Here

Sorry about the long gap in my last update,what can i say,been busy with family life trying to squeeze in some fishing.

I kicked my season off a few weeks ago,spent a great day on the Clyde at Symington,beautiful autum day,not many fish few small ones,mid afternoon seen a great hatch of small olives and little willows,beautifull little flies these are,anyhow that was me foot in the water.

Temple Mill 29-11-2014
Headed Up to the famous earn with my friend Radek,Its a great trotting water quite hard if you are bugging,as there is no wadding,protection of the salmon redds is the reason.
Was A difficult day to say the least with over 100 grayling to the nets the week before,i managed 3 good fish though on my wee red bug known as the "Scooby Snack",more on that laters.

Sat 06-12-2014 Clyde Lammington Village
Dreech was the conditions 1st time since last season,never touched a fish tried hard possibly too hard,heading back to the car,had a look for some bugs and came accross some beautiful golden stone flies,i know where i am going when the water rises.

3 outings and a few fish 2 over the 2lb mark cant complain but for some the 3lb plus grayling are arriving in their nets Q Scooby The Fish Whisperer,the Scooby Snack club have accumalated over 100 good grayling with some Beauties over the 3lb mark,so with this in mind,i hope you enjoy the following pics,many thanks for taking the time to view my blogg your support is very much appreciated.

River Clyde Calm Beauty


Another Fine Slab Of Grayling

Wheres My Scooby Snax


Golden Stones

Golden Stones

See I Do Catch The Odd Fish

Thanks Again Some Fly Tying Features Coming Over The Next Few Weeks