Saturday, 31 August 2013

New Haylie Bank International Fundraiser 31-08-2013

Had a great day at the Haylie Loch with Good friend Davy Shearer,like to thank All the staff,Alec Bowler and Andy Dunning
Congrats to the winners Robert Boyes, & Credible 2nd For Eileen Gallagher

I managed one solitary bow on a 16 cdc harelug and lost six or so missed loads,davy had 3 and lost loads was the same all round but some rods hitting 5-6 off of one peg was super angling to watch,tried everything only method was distance and tiny dries or nymphs just under the surface.

Didnt lose my rod tip today lol,will sighn off with some pics thanks for reading catch you all laters next week is Total Fishing Lanarkshires 1st year Birthday Bash competition at Dungavel Reservoir for some broony bashing and a barby all welcome click the link for more details

New Haylie Loch Bank National Fundraiser

Serious Cormorants

Beautiful If Your A Fly Fisher 

To Winners The Spoils
To The Hungry "Fill Yer Boots"
What A Day Great People Many New Friends 


Friday, 30 August 2013

Fishermans Friend: Buy Flies

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sharp Gentles Fly Tying Club Lake Of Menteith Last Outing-Carron Valley Masters Final-Secrets Of The Clyde New Date

Sat 17th Aug 2013 
Last club outing before the new tying season opens Sharp-Gentles Flytying Club 1st Thursday in September at Udston Bowling Club Burnbank 7:30 new members welcome.

Was a super morning until we hit Port of Mentieth but a full turn out was the order of the day,meets and greets over with,my boat partner for the day is young David Barr now going into his 3rd season,its great to see how the young club are progressing.

Was passed some craft knowledge and i get the boat suited and booted,trying out the electric outboard,off we set the charge of the light brigade,always exited and full of anticipation at this point,we are heading for the right side of the cages,the rain is now quite heavy,engine killed drogue oot 1st drift after a few casts bang fish on seconds later fish off snapped,young Davids Getting plenty of hits but nothing sticking,new cast on and changed to the floater from DI3 new cast on Candy Booby,Kingfisher Cormry,Uv Dial Back,Nothing happening up and down the shore drifts and Bang `1st fish is in the net,

This was my day for losing fish at the net 7 in total,and snapped a further 2 times was changing 2 dries back to small lures and missing fish left right and centre,managed to stick another 2 in the net,had a great time but need to get more lake practice,Young David managed to break his Duck with his 1st lake bow,that was him big grin and happy with the result,all in all just love fishing here so back up soon.

Carron Valley Masters Final Sunday 18-08-13
My fellow colegue  Stewart McLlean asked me to be a boatman as he was fishing in the final,no probs i says lol.
This was my 1st visit to this 1000 acre venue,to say the least i was pretty well awe struck at its beauty and for the final the conditions were like an angry sea,Stewart Gulps And i says "Get oot and fish yer erse aff"
Some of the best rods are here today and its not long before i am getting nervous,Its all serious now as the likes of James Lister,Ken Oliver to name a few are being piped down to their boats,
I am not going to write a big bio here but to say i had an amazing experience boating for George Telford & Keir Hardie It was a pleasure with fish,exitement lost and found rods,flying drougues,and scary drifts,especially at Gull Island oooft,the guys have fished oot and head back to the mooring as the conditions are getting quite serious but the most amazing sight was to see eventual winner Ken Oliver hook into a bow in the most nasty of swells,he who dares wins and he did will sighn off here with some picks  

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Secrets Of The Clyde Trip Date To Be Rarranged,Dungavel Reservoir Staff Night,brothers Meeting At The Tarn

When nothing goes to plan,it never goes to plan,due to the weather and river level TFL decided it was best to set another date for the trip,we want this to be a quality day so its best to wait for the right conditions.

Tuesday we embarked to the Dungavel reservoir,conditions were testing to say the least,but we had captain Scott at the helm with myself and Stewart in tow,yes we were being towed to our drift no rowing for us,well just a wee bit for Stewart.

Wee Video Demonstrating The Watersnake Electric Outboard Towing Us To Our Drift

To Find Out More About The Watersnake Contact Total Fishing Lanarkshire