Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy 2014,Its Nearly British Fly Fayre International Time,Cheeky Trip To The Secret River

Happy New Year Hope Your Lines Are As tight As Mine

As 2013 becomes a memory lets hope 2014 brings you the fish of a lifetime,i will still be striving for the 3lb club for the grayling but by the weather sofar that might just have to be next grayling season.

British Fly Fayre International Feb 8th-9th 2014 
This will be my 4th year at the bffi and what a privelage it is to rub shoulders with the best of the best.
I will be introducing my New Grayling range,my Signature Clydestyles,some still water favourites & and my growing Range of Slovenian Gamaruses.

Attending the BFFI this year i look forward to meeting you.

Red Bleeder Gammy

Orange Reptillian Czech

Heavy Peeper 
Will be demonstrating the Deer Creek State Of The Uv Resin Range

Bring On The Carnage See You There

To The Nith And Beyond

Well The weather outside has been dreadful with little opportunity to get the lines wet,was lucky enough to get a call from Ledgend Of The Clyde Scott "Scooby" fancy a day at the Nith is the shout.

So to cut a long story short we arrived at Thornhill Beat,but to our disnmay she was running big and coloured so that was that chapped on the heed as Scooby says lol.

Not alls lost we had a plan B and headed to a wee secret river and it was high but clear so tackle up we're on it like a car bonnet

Heres Lookin At You Kid Scoobs Tackle Up Master Class

Heres Lookin At At You Kid You Got Ma Bugs

Sexy Out-Fit HOOOOORAG Pimped Out Deer Creek Style

Big Rab Ready For The Trottin

Pat With One Of The 2 Broonies He Had In The Big Watter Scoobs Is Guiding You Well

Was only a half day as the rain pelted down,water on the rise and colouring,so motor bound and hame,conditions not the greatest,but the banter was top quality and to meet new fishermans friends then thats a bonus many thanks to Scooby for the invite,cant wait until Jack Frost is here so when can get right in aboot them.
Many thanks for reading please share and follow your support is highly valued,oh and if you need some flees check my catalouges at the top of the blogg