Wednesday, 9 December 2015

TieItOn 3 Months On

I have not been great health wise but trying to set up TieItOn with little funding has been a challenge but I thank all the guys and gals that have supported me I am hoping to build a web shop in the future but to be honest Social Media Selling has been great with a more personal touch rather than click n pay its in its way so watch this space TieItOn is on

Friday, 12 June 2015

Tie It On Coming Soon

Living In A Box Progect Half Way Stage When Complete There Will Be 720 Ranging From Buzzers,Crunchers,Hares Lug,Suspenders,CDC's,Spiders, This Box Is For Sale So Pm Me If You Are Interested.

Reason For This,I Am Currently Building Up Capital To Launch My New Venture Which Will Be Called "Tie It On" I Will Specialise In UK Tied Flies,& Select Tying Products,Tools,& Terminal Tackle With 2 Main Companies On Board With More To Follow.

There Will Be A Website And FaceBook Connection Within The Next Few Months.

For Flies You Can Contact Me Through Face Book.

Thanks For Reading Guys I Hope I Can Make A Go Of It As I Have Had To GivE Up The Day Job Due To Health Reasons 


Just A Few Pics Of The Box Collection 
I Use A Selection Of High Quality Material, Hayabusa,Partridge & Fulling Mill Hooks,Polish Quills,Dave Downie,Veniards & Virtual Nymph & Deer Creek UV Resins

If Interested Contact Me Via Face Book Or Email

Monday, 8 December 2014

Overdue Update The Grayling Are Here

Sorry about the long gap in my last update,what can i say,been busy with family life trying to squeeze in some fishing.

I kicked my season off a few weeks ago,spent a great day on the Clyde at Symington,beautiful autum day,not many fish few small ones,mid afternoon seen a great hatch of small olives and little willows,beautifull little flies these are,anyhow that was me foot in the water.

Temple Mill 29-11-2014
Headed Up to the famous earn with my friend Radek,Its a great trotting water quite hard if you are bugging,as there is no wadding,protection of the salmon redds is the reason.
Was A difficult day to say the least with over 100 grayling to the nets the week before,i managed 3 good fish though on my wee red bug known as the "Scooby Snack",more on that laters.

Sat 06-12-2014 Clyde Lammington Village
Dreech was the conditions 1st time since last season,never touched a fish tried hard possibly too hard,heading back to the car,had a look for some bugs and came accross some beautiful golden stone flies,i know where i am going when the water rises.

3 outings and a few fish 2 over the 2lb mark cant complain but for some the 3lb plus grayling are arriving in their nets Q Scooby The Fish Whisperer,the Scooby Snack club have accumalated over 100 good grayling with some Beauties over the 3lb mark,so with this in mind,i hope you enjoy the following pics,many thanks for taking the time to view my blogg your support is very much appreciated.

River Clyde Calm Beauty


Another Fine Slab Of Grayling

Wheres My Scooby Snax


Golden Stones

Golden Stones

See I Do Catch The Odd Fish

Thanks Again Some Fly Tying Features Coming Over The Next Few Weeks 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Scottish Disabled Team Fly Fishing Fundraiser At Bangour

I love going to these events,its so enjoyable to meet familiar faces who are always happy to meet & participate in a great days fishing,great Craic,& not least to show support for the SDFFA Teams International in June  at Eyebrook.

Peg 18 draw,no 3 bad I thinks,soon into a fish on a Henrik Larson timed a 9:39 am 9 mins for my 1st fish of the day a new PB,I missed another 4 and lost 2 on my 1st peg,can't complain never had that ammount of activity for a long time.

There's plenty of early action and the guys are picking up fish all over,Carl Nixon is doing well with the Yellow Dancer,allegedly,but through the day 3 guys had sussed the techniques and rattled up nearly 30 between them.

All in all it's been a great day with a super lunch of crackin pies & cakes "Stevie who ate awe the pies", 
                                                         The Spoils

28 rods with 96 fish 
Top rod was young Rhys Connor with 13 to the net

Second place Stuart Fraser with 8 a master with the Yelly Waltzer

Third was George Telford king of the buzzers with 8 just pipped by Stuart,his was the quickest 1st fish

There was also 2 doubles landed 
John Johnstone 12lb 4 oz
Wully Brash 12 lb 12 oz

The guys raised £1200 for the team which was outstanding-

STAR OF THE DAY went to Jim Crawford who raised a few bob for doing a lap of honour around the Bangour Fishery in a mankini.

Until the next time big thanks for to the SDFFA team & Bangour Owner Stevie Reid for Setting Up a great event nothing short of outstanding to say the least.

Pictures from the days competition

Stevies havin a long lie

The Beauty that is Bangour

Yelly Dancers Then

The Machine Richy Anthony

John Johnstone Double

Wullie Brash Double

Rhys well worthy winner

All the action

Get ready to Change into something more comfortable Jim

The man from mankini he say YES
Top Man taking one for the team cause thats what it's all about so all the best for the upcoming international at eyebrook in June this year.

Last years team bringing it home from Breynygg

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blogg,really much appreciated 
Scott Kane 
Deer Creek Scotland

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Welcome New Deer Creek Dealer JMacKay Flies (Morton Fishings)

Morton Fishery What a Super 
Fishery,Many Thanks For Your Hospitality John Mckay I Had A Super Day And Was Blowin Away Today When Mark One Of Your Regular Rods,Took The  Time  To Introduce Himself,A Rod That Has Graced The Morton Banks For 
Over 30 yrs.

Fished in the bay most of the day plenty fish moving,wind in my face,I just couldn't reach them,the shouts a size 10 cats whisker,tried all the usual suspects to no avail,got a few bumps on the dancer,Mr MacKay comes down to 
shock and awe that I am on a blank,checks my flees,Shrugs his shoulders,you should have a few by noo,any hoo I'm off you better have a few in the book or you were never here,lol nae pressure then.

The blanks off,switched to my new buzzer patterns and BOOM fish on a good lump estimated at about 4-5lb,followed by a massive lump that got off,funny that the best ones are never in the net,thats my excuse and I am sticking to it,dropped a few more and netted a few more good fighting fish,nice fankle so that was my last cast.

All in all I had a great day,great excuse for me now,oh dear I need to go and see my good client at JmacKay Flies.

All The Best John Big Welcome From All At Deer Creek We Wish You The Best Success

Tack Free Uv Diamond Resin Range And DC Product Range Now Available

Monday, 7 April 2014

Angling Active Open Weekend

The Hairy Rockers Tying Display Team & One Nervous Without The Hair Rocker

Dave Lindsay,Conan Fyvie & Myself,To Say Its An Honour To Tie As Deer Creek Pros On Behalf Of Premier DC Products Dealer Angling Active Stirling Is A Total Honour

The Welcome Of The Angling Active Team & The Way They Catered For Our Needs Was Superb,Many Thanks To Martain & Chris Granthan.

We Encountered The Phenomenon Again "Can You Help Us With Our Sticky Resin" Many New Converts To Deer Creek Non Tacky Uv Resins,Job Done

Will Leave This Blog With Some Happy Memories,Many Thanks For Taking The Time To Read My Blogg.
Deer Creek Scotland

Conan "Destroyer" Fyvie

Dave "Mcfluffchucker" Lindsay

Scott "Gypsy King" Kane

Dream Team Deer Creek Scotland

Even Santa Made An Appearence

What A Great 2 Days Of Guest Tying 
And Dave Well You Were The Guest Dyer Lol

Watch This Space Deer Creek Pro-Bro Tying-Drinking-Fishing Meet Enter Andy Pandy Saunders  

Monday, 31 March 2014

Angling Active Open Weekend Deer Creek Pro Team On tour-New Haylie Daniel Murray Fund Raiser-Allandale Tarn Bank National Qualifier

With the weekends fishing activities over,it was a case of HIGHS & LOWS,had a great practice session on Saturday at the Tarn with 7 fish on a busy dreary day,well thats me just pull this off tomorrow might have a chance.

Thats me ready to Roll

 New Haylie Loch
Daniel Murray Memorial Shield Competition 

After a pretty good session at the Tarn,i had one duty to perform and that was to deliver the Deer Creek International Box of flies that were so kindly donated from over 30 Deer Creek endorsed Pro-Tyers,from all over the planet.
I didn't expect what occured and i have been so humbled this week by our teams respose for the amazing Event that George & Senga from New Haylie Fishing Loch Just outside Largs what a special place what a special team and all involved.
Big congrats to the winners
1st. Carl Nixon
2.nd Gavin Hill
3rd. Stephen Dallas

At final presentation ceromonies the banter was unsurpassable from all involved,i have been informed that the event has raised over £7000 with more to be raised with some auctions and donations i hope our International Box will do well.
The Deer Creek Pro Tyers International Box 400 Flies From All Over The Planet
Box Donated By Total Fishing Lanarkshire; £20 Shop Voucher  A Deer Creek Goody Bag For The Raffle 

The Winners With New Haylie Owner George Murray And Fishing Luminarie Paul Young

Unbelievable Kindness So Humble To Witnes The Out And Out Kindness From Fellow Fisherman A True Special Breed

Allandale Tarn Sanna Bank National Qualifying Heat
Miserable performence again from myself, after a great pr-practice session but hey thats fishin onwards and upwards,huge congrats to the qualifiers.
The Exitment Is Evident

Full House