Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Upload To You Tube Of My Second Deer Creek Step By Step
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BFFi 2014 The Fly Tying Show Of The Year-Search For Two Scottish Pro Tyers

Total Honour To Sit Here Thanks Steve Cooper,Bridgette Cooper & Paul Deauville

WOW ! 
2014 8-9 FEBRUARY 
The change in date of this years show was a smash success double the footfall on Saturday as to the whole weekend last year.

Was i challenged this year,to say was an under statement,it was an honour to be on tyers row for my 4th time,also the madness that is the package of being part of the DEER CREEK orginization so honoured to be amongst these guys n girls also not forgetting castle feathers,the 2 Bobs & Sue.

As always its all over too soon great to meet every one again i wont bore you with dialogues,just see the pics and enjoy until next year thanks for viewing,join the Cult The Deer Creek Cult

The Que

Tyers Row Filling Up Nicely

Allan Lidell & Stevie Munn On The Patridge Stand

Dai What A Super Tyer And A Great Room Mate For The Weekend

Great Fun Tying With Steffan Jones

The Moose Is Back

Having A Great Time To Two Ayrshire Lumanaries Asked Me To Tie A Couple Of Gammies After I Had Consumed Steffan Jones Sloe Vodka And Swiped A Few Juras From The Deer Creek Stand "Stephen Dallas & John Anderson Junior Saturday Was Legendary Never Laughed So Much"

The Dream Team

The Three Amigos Conan "The Destroyer"-Dave "The Original McFluffChucker"-Last But Not Least Our Adopted Scottish Brother From Another Mother "Andy Pandy Sanders"

Markus "The Viking" Hoffman
Now This Guy Can Tie

Markus Wow Factor At The Show Was A Great Success

 Some Random Party Madness And Great Memories Again
Mr Lyndsay Rocking His 3rd Pudding

Guiness Time

Not Forgetting The Gaffer Nicholas Right You Make It Happen
Sold Out Of Resin Again

Great Guy Great Tyer Skills Beyond Belief Crap Arm Wrestlewr Though

2 Donuts And Its Yours

The Dream Team What A Weekend
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